TX2 Carrier Board RTSO-9002-V3.1 MIPI 4-channel camera connection

Hello. RTSO-9002-V3 ( https://www.realtimesai.com/en/product/RTSO-9002.html ) has 2 x MIPI CSI connectors. As far as I see every MIPI connector has split mode for two 2-channel cameras. It is written in datasheet that these connectors are 4-channel expandable. But it is unclear how to connect 4-channel MIPI Cameras. I want to connect two MIPI cameras what have 4-channel MIPI. Could somebody help me? Thanks

hello staroy107626,

you may see-also Jetson TX2 Series OEM Product Design Guide and check [Figure 35: Camera CSI Connections] for reference,
Jetson TX2 support up-to three quad lane cameras, or six dual lane cameras connected to CSI bricks.

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