8-lane gang mode vs 8-lane De-Interleaving Mode

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We are using TX2.
We need to implement 8-lane MIPI D-PHY sensor and I have some questions:

In TRM 27.6.3. It says that TX2 can support 8-lane deint mode for OmniVision sensor, and OV sensor has 8 pairs data lane and 1 pair clock lane. However, I think it is not implemented in VI4 driver after we trace source code.

Currently, 8-lane mode is using gang mode and sample device is TC358840 which has dual MIPI links ( 8 pairs data lane and 2 pairs data lane).

Our target device is OmniVision style sensor and there is only one pair of clock lane. Does gang mode also support 8-lane de-interleaving mode? If it doesn’t, do you have any guide line for 8-lane de-interleaving mode?

Thanks a lot.

Right, current VI driver don’t support 8 lane deinterleaving mode. Gang mode only for TC358840 none Bayer sensor use case.

Hi ShaneCCC,
Thanks for your reply.

If we implement Eight-Lane Deint mode by ourself, is that possible? TRM is not very clear about it, could you give us some guide line?

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Sorry, I don’t have experience about this sensor. And I think it could be difficult for you to implement due to some camera driver source didn’t public here.

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