Ganged mode on TX2 NX?

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I would like to know if the ganged mode that works on TX2 still works on TX2 NX as well ?

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For gang mode, do you mean to connect CSI ABCD ports(8 lanes) to a camera device?

Dear @DaneLLL,

Yes, I mean the capability of the VI in TX2 NX to combine two 4-lane channels into one 8-lane channel for the TC358840 HDMI to CSI bridge to operate at 4K resolution. This ganged mode has been already supported by the VI of TX2. And I would like to hear experts’ idea / confirmation before launching an important order.

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hello khang.l4es,

TX2 NX sharing the same driver as TX2 series, so, gang mode still supported.
may I also know what’s the frame-rate of your use-case?

HI @JerryChang ,

Thanks for the confirmation. The frame-rate of the TC358840 bridge chipset is 30fps even-though the cameras connect to it might be up to 60fps.

Is there any issue with 4K@30fps over 8 lanes of TX2 NX according to your opinion ?

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hello khang.l4es,

FYI, 4Kp30 with CSI 8-lanes (i.e. gang mode) is okay for TX2 NX,
please refer to, you’ll need boost the clock for VI/ ISP/ NVCSI if you’re going to enable 4Kp60,

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