JTX1-MIPI-ADPT with Leopard IMX274 cameras on TX2?

I have been looking for guides to make this adapter work with the TX2 but it hasn’t been successful. I have read and done this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ii57a3cqj5dheo5/IMX274_R28.1_TX2_NV_20171018.txt?dl=0

But does not work, is there any guide to make it work properly?

I’m using the JTX1-MIPI-ADPT with 6 IMX274 cameras, it does not recognize any of them.


Hi Luis2705,
The driver in IMX274_R28.1_TX2_NV_20171018.txt is for 3-camera adapter board.
For 6-camera adapter board, we have a preliminary version of the IMX274 driver. Please refer to below guide to set it up.

Hi Luis2705,
We updated the driver for 6-camera adapter (added 4K and fixed some bugs). Please use below driver guide.

Hey! thanks Simon, yes i had the 4k resolution problem. Now im testingyour new solution and update the thread as soon as i get it working.

Thanks so much.

Best regards.

Hello Simon, i tried the new solution for 4k and it’s finally working. Thanks so much for the support.

Best regards.

Hi Luis2705,

You are welcome! Thanks for the result.

I have LI-IMX274s “working” for LI-JTX1-MIPI-ADPT-6CAM at 4K 10 bit mode, but when I checked SONY IMX274 manual, I did not find anything about 2 Lane MIPI configuration. All readout modes are for 4 MIPI lanes.

I could not find 2 Lane configuration in imx274 driver source.

How does the driver configure 2 or 4 lanes?

I can find 2/4 lane configuration in IMX185 driver, but not in IMX274 driver.

Hi yahoo2016,
You can download the driver code /patch from above guide. The 2-lane setting should be in the imx274_mode_tbls.h file.

Hi Simon, I found the following code in LI IMX274 six camera driver:


  • imx274 register configuration for MIPI_2_lane output
    static const imx274_reg imx274_2_lane_conf = {
    {0x312E, 0x01},
    {0x3AA2, 0x01},
    {IMX274_TABLE_END, 0x00}

The above registers 0x312E and 0x3AA2 are missing from IMX274LQC-C datasheet.

How did you find the information, did you contact SONY support?


Hi yahoo2016,
Yes, we asked the setting from Sony.

is there an updated link for this driver??

Hi 00anteja23,
I think so. Please contact support@leopardimaging.com to ask the driver.