Leopard Imaging Inc. released new Jetson cameras for NVIDIA Jetson TX1/TX2 Developer Kit

Leopard Imaging Inc. released new Jetson cameras for Nvidia Jetson TX1/TX2 Developer kit.

  1. ON Semiconductor AR0144 Global shutter 1MP image sensor
  2. Sony IMX327 2MP image sensor
  3. Sony IMX264 5MP Global shutter image sensor
  4. Sony IMX335 5MP image sensor
  5. Sony IMX334 8MP image sensor
  6. Sony IMX577 12MP image sensor

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Hi Simon,

Where can we get the drivers/dts files for the LI-JETSON-KIT-IMX334CS-X kit?


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your order. We just sent the driver to you through Email.

Hi Simon,

I just got the carrier board LI-TX1-CB

and the camera LI-IMX577-MIPI-CS

Where can I find drivers and installation guide for this setup?


Hi Simon
I also get TX2-EVM-6, and the AR0144.

Where can I find drivers/dts files ?

Hi ricardo.fonseca.5,

Thanks for your order. Please send Email to support@leopardimaging.com to get the driver.

Hi 365953468,

Thanks for your order. We just replied your Email with driver guide.

Hi SimonZhu!
I want use AR0144 in my TX2 board.
However I follow the https://www.dropbox.com/s/p79uw4kkxmclnrd/AR0144-Six_R28.2_TX2_NV_20180718.txt?dl=0
, I get some problems.
First I can’t find the tegra186-quill-p3310-1000-c03-00-base.dtb.

7. Copy the tegra186-quill-p3310-1000-c03-00-base.dtb (which was downloaded from the first link above) and replace the tegra186-quill-p3310-1000-c03-00-base.dtb under Linux_for_Tegra/kernel/dtb on your Ubuntu host PC (* Not TX2 *).

Second I patch 6_streaming_ar0144_base_28.2_EVM_tx1_dtbs_20180718.patch file , but get some error, eg can’t find the tegra210-jetson-cv-power-fixed-p2180-p2597-a00.dtsi.

2) Copy kernel_src.tbz2 and two patch files to /usr/src
   sudo tar xpf kernel_src-tx2.tbz2
   sudo chown -R <user_name> kernel
   sudo chown -R <user_name> hardware
   patch -p0 < 6_streaming_ar0144_base_28.2_EVM_tx1_dtbs_20180718.patch
   patch -p0 < 6_streaming_ar0144_base_28.2_EVM_tx1_kernel_20180718.patchh (patchh or patch ??)

What’s wrong with that!

Hi 365953468,

Sorry for the mistake. The driver is actually for TX1 EVA kit. Our team will work on the TX2 driver and get back to you ASAP.


Hi SimonZhu,
I get the new driver for TX2, but still have some problems. Can you show me where to get the PDF design file of LI-JTX1-MIPI-ADPT-6CAM?

Hi 365953468,

We just sent the schematics of the adapter board to you through Email. Please check it.

Hi SimonZhu
We are interested in the LI-IMX264-MIPI-M12 camera you are offering. Do you happen to have sample outdoor videos on daylight and nighttime captured with that product? Also, we would like to know if you have tested the frame rate reached on the Jetson TX2 and if it is available for L4T 28.2. Thanks

Hi rafael.quintero,

We just sent the video to you Email (Fernando). Please check it.

Hi SimonZhu,
We are checking the sample videos, we will get in touch if we need more info about this product, thanks for the soon reply.

Hi SimonZhu,

We are interested in the LI-TX1-CB-6CAM carrier board in combination with a TX2 (not TX1) and either the AR0144 or IMX264 camera. Are drivers available for both combinations (TX2 + LI-TX1-CB-6CAM + AR0144 and TX2 + LI-TX1-CB-6CAM + IMX264)? Do you have sample videos for both cameras?



Hi PhilSch,

We have TX1 driver for LI-TX1-CB-6CAM + AR0144 camera kit but don’t have the TX2 driver for 6 x AR0144 or IMX264 yet. You can send a request to our Support Email (support@leopardimaging.com). We will put your Email address in our list and let you know once we get the driver ready.

Hello there!
I`m also interested in the driver of IMX264 for TX2, is this still unavailable?

Hi tapemyeyes,

We have the TX2 driver for LI-TX1-CB-6CAM + IMX264 camera kit right now. Please contact the support@leopardimaging.com to get the driver.

Hello SimonZhu,

I`m also interested in the driver of IMX264 for TX2 for LI-TX1-CB-6CAM board.

Hi jigarkumar.patel1,

Yes, we have the TX2 driver for IMX264 + LI-TX1-CB-6CAM. Please contact the support@leopardimaging.com to get the driver.