LI-TX1-KIT-IMX274CS-H kit on TX2

I have bought this kit ( from leopard imaging with 6 IMX274 cameras, however i haven’t been able to make it properly work. I see no /dev/videoX interface to access to each camera. After reading over internet i have found some TX1 tutorials to support IMX185 camera module but seems like it’s made only for TX1 since .DBM files are not in the TX2 flashing files.

Is there a way/tutorial to make this work? any drivers i should install to access each of the 6 csi-2 MIPI cameras?

I would appreciate your help.


Hi Luis2705.

Please contact with LeopardImaging company again, they should be aware of this issue and try to address the solution.


Have you had any success. I just received the same kit and it does not seem to work out of the box. I assume I am missing a driver and have requested it from Leopardimaging.

Hi pbecke, no. Actually i have sent an Email to LeopardImaging and they just asnwered they are working on a driver for the TX2. However, for the TX1 the drivers work well.