TX1 camera ISP tunning and sensor driver supprot inquiry

Some Question about IQ(image tuning)as bleow.

  1. Does Nvidia TX1 support S5K5E2 and IMX298 sensor driver?
  2. Have any camera tuning tool release to developer?
  3. How is IQ tuning flexible? if camera have 3A and color fidelity issue how to fix them?
    Does it must need to modify from library? or will get Nvidia fully support?
  4. if we connect many camera to become 360 FOV. How to make sure all camera work simultaneously
    with no delay?


Hi Gary_Chang,

In order to save development effort and time, you can contact with camera module vendor directly and check if there is any existing camera kit that match your intention, such as Econ http://www.e-consystems.com/ or leopard imaging https://www.leopardimaging.com/.


Hi Gary,

Please have a look at our website. We have launched a new product which adds multiple camera support to the TX1.