Jetson TX1 camera

I am going to conduct a study based on Jetson TX1. I need omnidirectional camera (CSI MIPI). I couldn’t find anything that works for 100% ( only embeded camera works but it’s not good for this) Here is a great solution for this problem. The post is from April but i cant still find a product on sale, maybe someone know something?

Here is another one… There is no word about working with Jetson TX1, Is there anyone who tested it?

I dont have more idea for this moment, maybe some of you know other products?

there is some information in the multimedia document about cameras that work. however it seems much of it is outdated.

Those TX1 cameras are out of stock:

Hi rfracer,

Those cameras were never put up on our web store. But you could still get one of them if you contact directly.

Thanks for your answer. I will try to contact because it’s the best option for this moment.

I have another question: Did you test a Jetson TK1 module using Jetson TX1??? Is it working?

Which exact module do you refer to? The Jetson TK1 cameras are not directly pin compatible with the Jetson TX1 because of the difference in the connectors used. However the modules and signals used are the same. So only the adapter board needs to be changed.

We have tested 2 modules on the Jetson TX1.
e-CAM130_CUMI1820_MOD (13mp) -
e-CAM30_CUMI0330_MOD (3mp) -

We have also launched a multiple camera adapter board for the TX1 now. Check it out on our website:

Leopard Imaging is partner of Nvidia and their Cameras/adapters/driver are real, we tested their multiple IMX274s.
Econ-Systems has been posting the link since April, I have not seen the price of adapter or information about driver. Another 5K for driver source?

Those cameras is available in our webstore. kindly check it: