Tested cameras on the Jetson

Hi everyone,

Check this blog out for information about tested SuperSpeed usb 3.0 cameras on the Jetson TK1 development kit. The cameras support different resolutions and formats. They are also backward compatible with USB 2.0. You can select the camera according to your needs.


Don’t forget to read the article mentioned in the bottom of the blog.

More info about MIPI-CSI2 cameras for Jetson TK1 to be released soon. Will keep you guys posted.

Hi guys. Its been a while since my last update. I’ll keep my post short for today. We are proud to announce that we have tested MIPI CSI-2 camera sensors working on the Jetson TK1.

The camera used is an 8MP sensor. We have manually wired up the sensor to the board and evaluated its performance on the Jetson. We were able to achieve 720p @ 55fps, 1080p @ 30fps and 8MP @ 11fps. Check this link for info about the module used. [url]http://www.e-consystems.com/8MP-Autofocus-MIPI-Camera-module.asp[/url]

I’ll post more details and a video if possible, afterwards when time permits. I hope the screen shots will suffice for now.

Sensor Module and Jetson:
External Media

Full Setup
External Media

Streaming 1920x1080 @30fps
External Media

Streaming 8MP @11fps
External Media

Great news!

It would be nice to know how it can be wired, and if possible have more than one at the same time (when tiem permits).

Could be captured this streams through openCV? Some time ago, I tried to capture two streams of USB webcams using gstreamer with openCV trying to improve the synchronization, the frame rate and resolution and I gave up. The only way possible for me was the tipical cap.open(0) and cap.open(1) (using Logitech c170). Thats why I ask if with this MIPI-CSI2 cameras would be easier.


Yes, the camera will work with OpenCV, but we have not tested this yet. Currently we have tested using gstreamer and it is working. This also means that the camera stream can be redirected to different plugins (such as the hardware video encoder) using gstreamer pipelines.

Also the frame rates and resolutions achievable will be higher than in USB2.0. I can’t release any info about the wiring setup for now. But it is possible to connect two sensors at the same time.

Hi. A video demonstrating working MIPI sensor in Jetson TK1 has been added to our website. Have a look at this page for more info.


Nice, I have been waiting on a camera solution like this. Put me down for a couple when the daughter boards are complete.

Thank you for your interest Derrick. We are happy about the response we are getting on the MIPI side. All information will be available in our website when we officially launch the product.

So many people have been interested in cameras working on this interface that I’ve added a link in the Jetson Links sticky for this product. Thanks!

Hi, We are proud to announce the launch of our 13MP MIPI camera for the Jetson TK1. Please have a look at the following link for more info about the camera. NVIDIA Jetson Cameras

@dilipkumar25 - Congratulations on getting this product done! Any idea about pricing and availability? Most of your products are available through your online store, because this is a new product I’m guessing that it will be available there too.

Thanks Kangalow. Yes, this product has not been added to the webstore yet. Please contact sales@e-consystems.com and ask for Mr. Harishankkar. He will give you the information regarding the pricing and availability of this product.

Hi Dilip, if you guys eventually do allow your price to be public, it would be great to put the price at [url]Jetson/Cameras - eLinux.org

Just thought i’d drop a slight addition to the Gige Cameras section; Pointgrey blackfly PoE (powered by PoE switch, not jetson) GigE works as well with the arm flycapture sdk. For those interested, it also works with the ROS pointgrey driver after i made a pull request for ARM a few weeks ago.

Dont have any specs on me right now since im not next to the camera itself, but i do remember i was pulling about 35 FPS with no image inconsistency errors on the BFLY-PGE-12A2C-CS model.

Also no issues on USB 3.0 for the BFLY-U3-20S4C-CS model. 15 FPS was no problem.

I maxed out performance for all the above, running on L4T 21.3.3 .

Thanks L0g1x, I added it to [url]Jetson/Cameras - eLinux.org
and also
[url]Jetson/Cameras - eLinux.org

I am also interested in how this can be wired - as others have asked but have not yet received a response. The 13mp camera is fairly ridiculous so the 8mp makes more sense from a size perspective as long as wiring documentation is provided; which it is not.

Hi bought PointGrey BFLY PGE 13E4C-CS, I am using TX1 and i have setup manual IP.

I tried to run /flycapture. FlyCapture2Test and GigEGrabEx

FlyCapture2 library version:
Application build date: Apr 5 2016 15:14:49

Number of cameras discovered: 0
Number of cameras enumerated: 0
Done! Press Enter to exit…

I am getting following response any suggestions ?

I do not know the particular camera nor the application/SDK, but it sounds like it is networked. Is the camera connected by ethernet to a switch and the switch to the Jetson? Or is the camera going to a router and the router to Jetson? Is USB used at all?

It may be possible to at least verify networking if you know IP addresses, protocol (e.g., TCP, UDP), and port. If network can be verified, then configuration can go on to specifics of the flycapture2 software.

The See3CAM_10CUG_C is a 1.3 Megapixel Camera that is based on the OnSemi AR0134, Global Shutter CMOS image sensor. It also works with the ROS.

e-con Systems has now released 3.4 MP Ultra Low Light camera for Jetson TK1. It is based on AR0330 sensor and has excellent low light sensitivity - 0.1 lux! Other Jetson cameras are: 13 MP Ultra HD camera & 4 MP RGB-IR camera.

e-con Systems has now released 13MP 4 lane MIPI CSI-2 camera board based on AR1820 CMOS Image sensor from ON Semiconductor® and an integrated Advanced Image Signal Processor(ISP) for NVIDIA® Jetson Tegra X1 development kit. The e-CAM130_CUTX1 streams 720p(HD) and 1080p(FullHD) @72fps, 4K or Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) @30fps and 13MP@ 20 fps in uncompressed YUV format.