How many USB Cameras can be connected to TX2


I have seen many posts related with this on the forum. But being an newbie, I could not understand them clearly.

My requirement is to use maximum possible cameras which can deliver videos at 60fps to Jetson TX2 at the same time. Also, if you can recommend few options on USB cameras that can be connected to Jetson TX2, will be really appreciable.

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Hi sujith.m,

For USB camera numbers, I don’t have the data, however you need to consider the bandwidth of USB throughout first, then calculate the 60fps requirement to be how many video stream can be received at the same time.
We have enabled several camera partners to provide the camera product on different resolutions and use cases, please find their information from


Hi kayccc,

Thanks for your quick response. We are planning to use e-con system’s See3CAM_CU55 USB cameras. Before going ahead, wanted to know if we can accommodate 5-6 such cameras connected to one Jetson TX2. If required, we are thinking of using multiple Jetson TX2s if that will help to get maximum frame rates.

Will you be able to give us any inputs on this?

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Hi sujith,
We would suggest have one USB camera in one USB3.0 port. Please check oem design guide:

You may design your custom carrier board in config #4 to have three USB3.0 ports.

Like Dane mentioned, we can design custom carrier board for Jetson TX2 which support 3 USB 3.0 ports. So that there won’t be any bandwidth limitation and you can obtain full performance without any frame drop.
Alternatively, we have multi-camera solution which is based on MIPI CSI in TX2. Kindly have a look at below link. This will fulfill your requirement to connect 6 cameras with TX2. Using this, you can get frames in a synchronous manner from all 6 cameras.