How to extend TX2 USB ports

Hi, I am trying to use TX2 to build a autonomous RC car. In the final form, the car will have different sensors. Most of them will connect using USB. But TX2 dev board has only two USB port. How can I connect all these sensors?



A normal usb hub will work nicely :)

Some mini carrier boards from the ecosystem also have additional USB port(s) integrated onboard. You can find them listed here:

Hi, I need to add 4 USB 3.0 Camera to TX2 dev kit. Can this be done current dev kit?

Hi truptis,

The USB Hub should help you to connect more cameras (USB3.0).
Otherwise, there are several carrier boards for TX2 that provides a extra USB port (USB3.0).
Connect Tech has some interesting carrier boards with 2x USB3.0.

Greivin F.