How many USB3.0 interfaces can be extended through the USB3.0 interface on Jetson tx2 via a hub?

Hello,everyone.I’m urgent for the question.So I hope I can get the answer as soon as possible.Someone knows?Very appreciate it!

Logically, I think it is around 100. In practical terms, if you have a high speed and high resolution USB3 camera, one. If you have a number of lower resolution cameras, probably six or more. Without knowing the bandwidth requirements of the camera it isn’t possible to give a truly valid answer.

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Hi,linuxdev.And can you tell me how much bandwidth the USB3.0 interface has on Jetson tx2?

These are 5Gbit/s interfaces, but there is significant overhead. I do not know what the encoding overhead is, so I couldn’t give you any exact answer. Just a guess, probably 4Gbit/s is reasonable, though someone may be able to give you a benchmark value.

If you can give details about cameras and requirements, then it would be more practical for someone to give advice, e.g., resolution, color depth, frame rate, and if there are special requirements (such as triggering all images with some guaranteed low latency). I can’t tell you much myself, but as an example a ZED stereo camera (1080p) has to have one USB root HUB to itself (essentially two hidef cameras on one port).