Asking for documentation about NVIDIA Jetson tx2 core board A300.

Hi,everyone.Now I want some information about NVIDIA Jetson tx2 core board A300 such as some documentation recording the parameters or the components.However there is few information on the Internet.Can someone provide some useful information for me?For example,I want to konw if the core board has PCIe interface,Or how much bandwidth does it’s USB3.0 interface has?

Hi, what’s the meaning of you said “core board A300”? Please note, the module board info is not public.

Hi,Trumany.Actually I don’t know what’s the board real called.As I know,it’s the scaled-down version of Jetson tx2,and the difference is it has no more interfaces than Jetson tx2,so it has a more small volume.As what I describe above,I don’t ensure you can understand what the core board A300 is.If you got it,I want to know more about the board.For example,I want to konw how much bandwidth the USB3.0 has on the board or something else(the core board A300 has two USB3.0 interfaces).

Not sure what kind of board you mean…

USB3.0 of TX2 is 5Gbps, you can check detail in OEM DG and TRM.

Thank you very much,Trumany.

And I have another question:In Jetson tx2,can the USB3.0 interface be extended by using a USB HUB,i.e.,if I use a USB HUB to extend the USB3.0 interface to several USB3.0 interfaces,can each of these interfaces share the whole bandwidth of the original USB3.0 interface normally? Or among these extended interfaces,only one interface can be recognised and other extended interface cannot be recognised by Jetson tx2.

Sure the bandwidth can be shared.

Hi,trumany.You say you’re sure that Jetson tx2’s USB3.0 interface can be extended?

Of course you can use a hub to extend…

OK,thank you so much,Trumany!