Camera support on Jetson TX2i

Hello All,

I am planning to use Jetson TX2i for processing the 5 USB based cameras and send the camera feeds send over using wifi interface. I would like to know whether it is possible. will be there any lag in feed transmission due to any limitation. All cameras will be configured in 30fps frame format and system will be developed around ROS framework

Any inputs/suggestion/documents will be useful for my analysis. Thank you.

Must use USB 3.0 camera.
For the multiple camera may have frame drop issue if higher sensor resolution.

If you use default development board, we suggest use PCIe-USB card. So that the bandwidth can be shared to other lanes. Please refer to

Or you may consider to refer to adpataion guide ad product design, to design your own custom board.

And we suggest use gstreamer and jetson_multimedia_api. Both are optimized with hardware DMA buffer( called NVMM buffer in gstreamer and NvBuffer in jetson_multimedia_api ). ROS framework may use CPU buffers and does not achieve optimal performance.

Thank you DaneLLL for reply.

If i decide to go with PCIe based approach, do we have ROS pkg or support for this solution so that we can get video feed which can be transferred over wifi. Do you see any hurdle in if we send the 5 cameras video feed using wifi.

There are some implementations about ROS fom community. They are listed in

You may refer to it.

ROS is CPU-based frameworks. For running multiple cameras, suggest you run with sudo nvpmodel -m 0 and sudo jetson_clocks. Please check power management in development guide.