4 IP camera setup via router to Jetson TX2?

Hey Everyone, we’d like to run 4 cameras with our Jetson with focus on very low latency and 3-5 meter cable length.

We looked A LOT for solutions but were not really finding the right one. (e.g. econ and d3 engineering were not the perfect fit, though we are working with them to improve)

So it is possible to get 4 IP cameras connect them to a router via ethernet and then connect that router to Jetson via one Ethernet cable?
Thanks so much.

Here is our wishlist:

  1. Usage scenario: Automotive, ultra low latency
  2. Sensor: All weather conditions with good low light performance
  3. Resolution: Up to 720p
  4. FPS: 50-100
  5. High shutter performance, <10ms
  6. Available lenses should have more than 90 degrees FOV
  7. Works with Nvidia Jetson TX 2 (1 Ethernet port (ideally GigE / PoE or CSI / I think mini PCI works too)
  8. Format: YUV422-8bits (Sensor should give YUV directly and not only Bayer format)
  9. Works GStreamer (v4l linux driver or nvidia camera source or udp source)
  10. 3-5 meters cable distance between the camera units and computing unit
  11. Metal and waterproof casing/enclosure

We run a TX2 decoding multiple IP video streams, but our application is to display on multiple monitors, rather than any sort of processing. We use gstreamer pipelines. If it’s in one place you don’t need a router, a switch will do. The latency will likely not be as good as a directly connected camera. I can’t speak to cameras meeting your requirements, although we have had good luck with Axis cameras.