Connecting 5 cameras to the JTX2 using GMSL/ or FPD Link III

I like to connect 5 cameras to the JTX2 (long distance ~15m), still not clear about the serials/deserials to be a good fit for this application, and what cameras that Nvidia suggest to use wondering if there is an application note to start with.
My second question about the wifi, what cable (long distance ~5), and what you recommend for antennas.

Thank you in advance

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I don’t think we have GMSL based camera available for TX2 yet, however you could contact with NVIDIA enabled camera partner to know if that will be ready soon, please check:

Regarding the wifi, we have no such recommend cable or antenna.



we are in process to release the daughter card board for the JTX2 to enable FPD Link III connection to the Nvidia TX2. The daughter card board can accept max 6 FPD LINK III cameras.

We also can provide FPD LINK III cameras ( 5 different automotive image sensors (RS and GS) and 8 diff industrial and commercial image sensors (RS and GS)).

Pleas contact me trough inbox for more information about camera models if are you interested.

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Hi,, RidgeRun can help you with the software side, we don’t do hardware just software and in this case V4L2 drivers for the GMSL/FPD Link/Camera sensors. We have created drivers for some GMSL SerDes in TX2 already as you can see in our wiki:

@David, glad to hear about your board with FPD Link III inputs, do you need help with the drivers?


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