CSI-2 adapter board for GMSL, FPD-link III or v-by-one camera

I’m searching for a general solution to convert any CSI-2/mipi camera to GMSL, FPD-link III or v-by-one camera to be able to extend the limit of 30sm cable length to my jetson.

It seems like the GSML, FPD or v-by-one is just an extension of the csi-2 interface which I interpret as the software should not know if we are using csi-2 or any other interface.

But this does not seem to be the case, when looking at eg the rudi-agx platform it only supports 5 available GSML-2 cameras.

I might have found one open source project for the raspberry pi (GitHub - InES-HPMM/FPD-LinkIII_Raspberry_HW: FPD-Link III Hardware compatible with Raspberry Pi Camera and Raspberry Pi CSI connector.). But I would like one for the jetson platform and would like to just make an order and not create the pcb from scratch.

Does such adapter board exist? if not, why not?

/best regards

I would suggest consult to camera partner for more information.

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