Move TX2 developer kit onboard csi camera away with a cable


I have the Jetson tx2 dev kit and would like to move onboard csi camera to a different location. I could detach the camera board easy. However, I do not know what kind of cable I can use to connect it to back to TX2. Can anyone help?

Hi, i’m afraid no such cable exist, you might need to make one by yourself.

Could you at least tell me where I can buy the connector?


Just to give you some ideas, it sounds like you may want to use a carrier board and a FAW-1233 cable, here are some links from Leopard Imaging page:

Take into consideration that MIPI CSI-2 lanes have distance limitations. If you require to move the camera farther away (in the order of meters) you may have to consider, for example, using GMSL o FPD-Link technologies:



I am not interested in buying another camera or camera carrier board. I want to use the existing camera and camera board on Jetson TX2 developer kit. When you bought the TX2 developer kit, the camera board is directly attached to TX2 through J22. However, it is very easy to detach the camera board from TX2. My questions is after detaching the camera board from TX2, can you use cable to link the camera board and the TX2 so you can still use the camera.

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I am looking to do the same. Did you find a working solution yet?

YES, samtec has the cable