About cable between the board-to-board connector of TX2 camera


In my project, I need to finish a task about object recognition. Now I want to separate the camera form TX2.
I need to a cable between the board-to-board connector of TX2 camera. I have contacted SAMTEC,but their cable assemblies are not suitable. SO, I wonder if there is any other way to do it…

Could you give me some proposals? Thanks!!!

PS connector: female Norm: QSH_060_01_H_D_A , male Norm: QTH_060_01_H_D_A

I’m afraid there don’t have ready-made cable it need custom-made a FPC.
How long do you need?
If longer than Max Trace Delay of CSI which about 186mm, GMSL will be suggest for a camera which also require custom-made camera board.


Thank your reply.
I need about 1000mm.
Which company offers custom-made FPC and custom-made camera board?~

Or,can I directly use an USB camera?

There should no this kind of FPC on market.
Yes USB camera will be a easy way.

Can I use any USB camera? like an ordinary USB camera.
In other words, can I control camera by opencv after plug a USB camera and install driver?

Yes search usb camera and openCV in this forum you will find lots of JTX1/JTX2 topic about these, help yourself, thanks.