Jetson TX2 schematic review and some query


We want to connect our sensor module to TX2 development board with an adapter(4-lane CSI). We have designed the schematic for same and is placed at below link.
Could someone please review the schematic and pinout of P1?

Also “Jetson_Camera_Module_Hardware_Design_Guide.pdf” doc suggest to use “QTH-060-01-F(H)-D-A-x” as mating connector part however we have used “QTH-060-01-L-D-A” as the mating part to interface it with TX2 development board. Please confirm if this is okay.

We have an another query related to board size dimension wrt the mounting holes. Figure 8-1. Recommended Interposer Module Outline in “Jetson_Camera_Module_Hardware_Design_Guide.pdf”.Here the width of PCB is 40mm and the mounting hole to board edge is 4mm both the side. So distance between two mounting hole should not be 32mm? The fig shows a dimension of 32.2mm. As shown at below link
Please confirm.


If your pin map of camera board match Jetson carrier board camera connector define, that will be OK.
Please contact Samtec about connector replacement. have design file which can help you check carrier board hole distance.