Jetson TX2 Developer Kit OV5693 Camera Module Adapting to Other Sensors


I’m new to the developer kit. I tried to search from the Internet and this forum, I cannot find this camera module (with OV5693) design information, just found NVIDIA JETSON CAMERA MODULE Hardware Design Guide.

What I would like to do is to see whether I can jump-start to connect my sensor to this module Sensor Module Connector (the FPC one) and work on my sensor device driver development, it can save effort to build another Camera Interposer Module.

What concerned is that there are two ICs on the Camera Interposer Module, not sure if any IC (e.g. EEPROM) has to work with the OV sensor. Or can they be re-programmed to adapt other sensors?

May I get help from you?

Thank you.

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John Lam

Hi, the design guide is for customer to do their own camera board to attach to camera connector on Jetson TX2 carrier board. That means you can design the board based on the module you chose, which might need ask camera module vendor to share reference design first.

Dear Trumany,

Thank you for your feedback.

I’m talking about the sensor module coming with the developer kit, as shown in:

Could Nvidia provide please share the reference design?

Thank you.

The P/N shown on the black label on the camera module board is: 699-83326-1000-100 M
What I would like to do is connect J2 of the camera module board to my sensor board.

Thank you.

Its design files is here:

Does the camera module exist as a separate product that can be purchased? I’m using it for a computer vision application and would like to have multiple camera modules run off a single Jetson TX 2 or Xavier.

I know there are camera modules available from e-con systems, etc., but I am looking for something in a very small form factor (and ideally a lower price than e-con’s offerings), like the OV5693 included with the TX2.

Can I purchase this module anywhere? If not, are there any similar pre-built camera modules available?

I know the OV5693’s sensor is available at DigiKey, but I’m looking for a complete module with a board, lens, etc.

Thank you.

It is not sold separately. No other such info except e-con system.