Development of a multicamera module based on the OV5680 sensor

I am trying to develop my own camera module based on the OV5680 sensor. I have read the document “NVIDIA JETSON CAMERA MODULE” to know more about this topic. The truth is that this document is a pretty summary guide of the development that should be carried out. I would like you to help me find some more information about it.

On the other hand, the camera module has some “extra” pins that do not have the camera that has the Jetson TX2 mounted. Some of these pins are the “FRAME EXPOSURE” and the “FRAME SYNC”. I have some doubts about how to make these connections to the JETSON. Would they really be necessary?

Thank you very much for your help.

hello alu0100765755,

please check [Release 28.1 Development Guide]->[Camera Development]
you should also check your sensor specification about dual sensor synchronization mechanism.

Where can I find that document?


hello alu0100765755,

Jetson Download Center: