Regarding Multiple Camera Board

As We know, There are built-in single Camera board in the TX1/TX2 Deveope board .
Can you provide us Where to purchase one multiple camera board?

Hi 27653276,

Please contact with NVIDIA Camera Partners, you can find their information from:


Please check our list of multiple camera board for TX1/TX2.

Hi Support,

I'm trying to understand how multi-camera software driver is working. 
As we know, Currently, the TX1/TX2 module only using one I2C BUS(CAM-SCL,CAM-SDA)  to access the I2C-MUX(TCA9546) and Camera Sensor and EEPROM, I just want to know where is the linux driver in the kerel source and dts file that process those control logic.
Are there any document to help me to understand it?

In additional, We just using two camera sensor, Can we remove the I2C-MUX device instead with another I2C bus to access the second Camera sensor? if so, can you provide me some guide how to update kernel source and dts file?


Have a check below for sensor programing guide.

You can remove the MUX if your sensor address not conflict.