Extend single camera CSI-2 driver to multiple cameras

We have one CSI-2 camera (IMX274) working using Leopard TX1 camera kit. The hardware of kit supports up to 3 CSI-2 cameras. How can single camera driver be extended for multiple cameras, assuming each camera has different I2C address.

Thanks in advance.

If you want to extend the camera sensor base on Leopard camera kit.
That depend on the Leopard camera kit reserve the extendable HW or not. I thing that should be negative. Please confirm with Leopard.

Just a general question, for a camera adapter card to support multiple CSI-2 cameras, what additional hardware is needed? What is “extendable HW”?
Nvidia TX1 camera reference design does not include information for multiple cameras.

TX1 reserve all the CSI interface for customer to design their own camera board even multiple cameras. You can reference to below link.


You can use the J20 board from Auvidea to connect up to 6 2-lanes cameras, it has hardware to translate the i2c address for same cameras on same i2c bus. It also depends on the amount of lanes per camera that you want to use.

I received information from Leopard Imaging, their TX1 CSI-2 adapters do have I2C expanders to support multiple cameras and their multi camera driver will be ready soon.

Now it is possible to use multiple cameras with J20 and we added support to use the ISP as well:


Now supports interfacing upto 6 MIPI CSI2 cameras simultaneously. https://www.e-consystems.com/multiple-csi-cameras-for-nvidia-jetson-tx2.asp