Parts included list for Jetson TX2 Developer kit

Does the OMNIVISION 5693 come with the developer kit? Does the kit also include the adapter board as an example for the OV5693 camera to the Jetson TX2 module? In other words is the OV5693 play ready with the module after assembly of the system. I want to buy the kit and use the camera stack to port several different cameras to run with the Jetson TX2 module. Essentially I am looking to a working camera stack to start building for the different OV camera’s with of coarse our own custom camera adapter boards.

I don’t know which sensor model is used, but there is a camera complete with a small circuit board already plugged in to the TX2 developer kit (a module does not have a carrier board, the developer kit has a developer board with camera).

The URL for purchasing if going directly to NVIIDA:

The URL of the photo there:

You would have to zoom in on the photo to see it, but there is a small rectangular board slightly elevated from the main board on the photo’s edge closest to the top of the page. I’m guessing the module is about 1.5 cm wide and extends in length about half the size of the main carrier board (it ends up right next to the heat sink). This camera can be removed with an ordinary phillips screwdriver and a new sensor added, but the one which is there comes ready to work with the default software. You would probably need to flash it since they ship with an outdated set of software (currently L4T is at R28.2.1, which is able to be flashed with the driver package plus sample rootfs, or via JetPack3.2.1).

Note that both TX1 and TX2 can use the same carrier board, and both work with this same camera…they are interchangeable.