Camera for Jetson TX2 developers kit


I am looking for recommendations. I’ll buy a Jetson TX2 developers kit for a school project and I am looking for a camera that works “good” for this kit.

Does not need to be anything “fancy”. Just for a simple image recognition project.

Any ideas?


Hi osegura13,

A 5 MP Fixed Focus MIPI CSI Camera - OV5693 was included in the devkit, that should be enough, or you could use USB camera.


The included camera is rigidly mounted to the module that plugs into the motherboard. As long as you can move/orient the motherboard to point the camera at your point of interest, this will work.

A USB camera can work, although you may have to re-compile the kernel with a configuration that enables the UVC USB camera support and the specific sensor modules depending on whether your USB camera needs that additional support. This is not that hard, but requires a working Ubuntu 16.04 computer with 40 GB of free hard disk or more. (Not virtual machine, but booting from USB will work.)

Thanks very much Kayccc and snarky!

I didn’t know a camera was included. That is great! And I don’t think I have any problem with it being mounted on the module… however, just for learning purposes, is there any guide/tutorial for that configuration?

Hello, I am also looking for a guide to using the 5 MP camera included with the dev kit. If anyone has a guide on reading data from the camera it would be much appreciated!