Camera for TX2


I have just bought a TX2 Developer kit and need to know what a suitable camera or cameras might be to plu into the board.

If this covered in the manual I would be grateful for a pointer

TX2 kit comes with a camera adapter board, using Omnivision OV5693 camera sensor. The board connects to the kit thru a J22 connector (MIPI CSI-2).

To use a different camera, you may need to prepare:

Camera adapter board with a J22 connector
Camera sensor(s) and module(s)
Update the driver, device-tree; compilation

Presumably, the high level application programming remains the same (pipeline, video/image programming, etc.)

Thank you so much for such a prompt and helpful answer.

Assuming you want to keep using the carrier board (“motherboard”) that comes with the development kit, e-con systems, and leopard imaging, have cameras that plug into that motherboard, instead of the default camera.

Some examples: <-- single camera kit, IMX377 sensor <-- six-camera kit, IMX185 sensor