Recommend a carrier board with Camera support for TX2?

I’d like to get a compact carrier board with a CSI header for my TX2 module (something like the Elroy carrier or Auvidea J90). But from everything I’m reading, those boards have connectors for camera hardware, but don’t actually support cameras (or mabe it’s the Jetson that doesn’t support? Hard to tell from these forum postings). On the rare occasion somebody manages to get a camera working, all the video goes through the CPU, instead of through the GPU / hardware pipeline, making it useless for performance reasons.

I’m basically looking for a carrier board that is the same size as the TX2 module, that I can plug a MIPI / CSI-2 / CSI-3 camera into, and have it actually work. I’m trying to get away from the humongous ITX-scale Jetson carrier board (though it’s hard to argue with something that actually works).

If anyone has any suggestions on carrier board / camera module, I would be very interested.


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Leopard Imaging provides TX2 carrier card/cameras with drivers, their carrier cards are larger than the TX2 module:

Thanks. I did pick up a camera module for the devKit from Leopard, but those carriers are too big for my project. I picked up a J100 now, guess I’ll have to hope for the best / figure it out.

Check out the Connect Tech boards?

The Orbitty is Jetson-size, but has no camera ports.
The Elroy is Jetson-size, but has no non-camera ports.
The Astro is Jetson-size, and with an additional daughter board, gets the regular I/Os, but only has a single camera port.

Colorado Engineering:

The X-board looks great; 6 CSI ports, and all the I/O, and is only slightly larger than the TX2.
I have no idea how real this product is, though; I haven’t heard of anyone using it. (I’m sure someone is; I just haven’t heard about it!)

We had CEI TX1 carrier cards long time ago when they were selling at $700.
They are very similar to Nvidia carrier cards which require camera adapters from Auvidea (e.g., J20) or Leopard Imaging (3 camera or 6 camera versions).

Since leopard Imaging carrier cards already have connectors for their cameras, we decided to use Leopard Imaging carrier cards.

Hi philippe.desrosiers,

We, at e-con systems, a camera partner of NVIDIA, can help in designing & producing a customized TX2 carrier board. Can you please e-mail your requirements to