Jetson TX2 - USB Camera?

Hello there,

I want to do some real-time image analysis with the Jetson TX2 and therefore I have a simple question:

Can I use (any) USB camera/webcam for this task? I will not use stereoscopy.

In order to achieve my idea I need a long cable, because the camera will sit high above the TX2 ;)
And since I have some USB cables and a USB camera this would be the perfect solution.

If you have other sugesstions, feel free to write them here. While I have many years of programming experience, I am totaly new to this field.

This is really more of a Linux question than a TX2 question, I believe, since it’s mostly a function of what library you intend to use in your code. OpenCV is the default for most applications, so I’d check and see if and webcam you want to use plays well with OpenCV - from what I’ve seen in my experience, pretty much everything works. I’ve run into issues with USB webcams on TX2 because of certain build options not being enabled (V4L, iirc) by default, so don’t be surprised if any USB webcam gives you grief at first because of that.

Thank you very much! Good to know that it’s „just“ a lib thing.

Is there any best-practice approach for my intended idea? I was reading something about MIPI cameras.

Thanks dbrownrxvs0.