TX2 Carrier Board connector

Good morning, I have a doubt regarding the Board to Board connector on TX2 dev. kit.

The SOM to Carrier connector used on dev. kit is the Samtec REF-186138-02, which is a customized part from the SEAM-50-02.0-L-08-2–A--K-TR, but does not seem possible to purchase it. What is the difference between both parts? Is the standard part also compatible with the matting connector on SOM, REF-186138-01

Thank you

Hi, Jetson TX2 Series modules connect to the carrier board using a 400-pin (8x50) board to board connector from Samtec. The module has a Samtec REF-186137-01 connector. The mating connector to be used on the carrier board can be Sametec REF-186138-02 or Molex
45970-0001. As for the difference to SEAM ones, please contact Samtec for accurate answer.