Molex 400-pin connector


Would you please tell me the exact part number of “Molex 400-pin connector 45971-0002” which is newly listed in the BOM of the Jetson TX2 module?

You can find “Molex 400-pin connector 45971-0002” in the Jetson TX2 PCN204840 Multiple Changes (20180425) from Jetson Download Center.

I assume that we can use the mate (male) connector of “Molex 400-pin connector 45971-0002” for carrier boards.


Please refer to this topic:


Thank you for your reply.
But I’d like to know the newly listed Molex connector part number not Samtec one.

It is 45971-0001 as listed, you can search it on Molex web site.

The following page was hit with a search “45971-0002” on Molex web site. But it does not contain any “45971-0002” specific information. Is it a special part for NVIDIA?


You can ask Molex for detail info.

Thank you.