Module connector price in "Support Components List"

So, the Supported Components Lists has a very low price for the module connector, $5.45. Samtec has the connector listed for ~$22. I contacted them to ask about it, and they said that I would need a “letter of authority” from Nvidia. Does such a document exist, and if so, from whom can I request it?

Did you inquire about the part number REF-186138-01? That should carry the negotiated pricing. We will also pass your info along to Samtec.

I followed up with Samtec using that reference part number, and they seem to only give me the run-around. I am only really trying to get a budgetary quote to confirm that the connector can be had at the $5.45 price at lowish volume, not actually make a purchase right now. But I just cannot get a “yes” or any sort of a confirmation out of them.