Are there plans to sell TX1 processor without the full module

We are evaluating TX1 modules for use in a set top box with Video capture and mixing capabilities along with NLU using facial and speech recognition capabilities. We quite like the TX1 but we have some questions regarding costing and form factors going forward.

Currently we are seeing TX1 module pricing in the neighborhood of $330+ with our distributor but Nvidia shields sell for around $300 and come with controllers, power supply and retail margin. This leads many of our engineers to believe that we would be able to cost down some of the components included in the TX1 module if it were possible to get a module free TX1 chipsets. We have not been able to find out if this is in your roadmap however using our distribution contacts so we are stuck.

Can you please help us with insight here. We have a few months before we have to call the ball on our processing framework but it would be really helpful to know how to plan if we knew the TX1 release roadmap. We would very much like to plan to use the TX1 but will need some help based on the costing we are seeing.

The module price is $299 per 1k units. Unless you are moving 7 figures+ volume of units per year, the module is the generally available option.

Hi Dusty,
Where can we buy module only ($299)? Our product needs 100 per month but we can order in qty 500 or 1000.

From your website, it looks like you may be located in Chicago (US). Your distributor would be: Arrow.