TX1 Compute module availability?

So it seems like once upon a time I had read that TX1 modules were going to be offered in & of itself, without the MiniITX motherboard that it plugs into?

Is this something that indeed going to be offered, since Im not seeing any nvidia offerings of this yet?

Seems like I had read elsewhere that nvidia had opensourced the hardware designs of the TX1 module, to facilitate selling more processors -Yet Im not seeing anyone else making this module/board; Is there anyone else in this space?

I’m not sure if anyone else is making TX1 modules, but I think Nvidia’s shipping the modules now: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/915190/jetson-tx1/jetson-tx1-availability/post/4829914/#4829914

From what I know about Nvidia, it seems pretty unlikely that they’d open-source their board designs, but other folks are making carrier boards at least.

I don’t think there is any info about making a module or getting the TX1 chip directly, BUT

You can order a TX1 module from Arrow (although backordered now):

There are two vendors that I know of that are shipping mini-motherboards for the TX1 module:


Hey guys,

My company makes TX1 (EBX size) motherboards ;)

Yes you can’t buy TX1 modules directly.


if the above arrow link doesn’t work for you, it gave me page not found.
but @ 429 dollars for one buying the kit would be the better way to go