TX1 Module Without Dev Kit

Hello all,

I was looking for price and where to buy the TX1 module on its own without a dev kit, meaning just the roughly credit card sized module without the Mini-ITX motherboard. After quite a bit of searching I can’t find anything. I’ve read a few forum posts from some Nvidia people talking about the module’s price on its own which make me pretty sure it is sold separately however I couldn’t find any who sells it, not even a “email us for a quote” type of thing.

If anyone can shed some light on this I would be grateful,

Arrow has a listing for it, but no stock.


Ah thank you, I am surprised there is currently no place to buy the TX1 modules that have them in stock. Considering there are plenty TX1 dev kits that use them and the whole point of the dev kit is to get engineers to integrate the module into their products, I would think Nvidia would make it easier to purchase them.

The modules should be in stock this coming month. Thanks for your patience.

The module distributors are similar to those listed here: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/tegra-k1