Using Jetson TX1 GPU module without development board

Hi, i am new to Jetson TX1. I intend to use it for image processing on a UAV. But I couldn’t completely understand the working of the board. I have two doubts.
a) On the GPU module is sold as part of the Jetson TX1 Development toolkit. I want to know if its possible to buy the GPU module alone (without the development kit).?
b) I only want to mount the GPU module on the drone. I couldn’t find any references on how to do it. Almost all the tutorials use the GPU module along with the development board.
I am sure people who use Jetson on drones do so without he development board, since the board need AC power supply. But how do they do it.?

There are third party manufacturers of carrier boards. Those can be used with the module as a substitute for the developer carrier board. Some are listed here (there are probably several which are not listed), just search for “carrier”:

I’m not sure where the module is purchased without the developer carrier board, it would depend on what part of the world you are in (the WiFi means certifications differ and thus firmware differs in different countries or regions).