Flash Jetson TX1 without usb connection

The micro usb connection came of the development board today just before flashing. Is their anyway to flash the new jetpack onto a tx1 without the micro usb connection.

If not, can you buy the TX1 board seperately.


In theory, if you knew a lot about signing partitions, and if the existing operating system runs, then dd could be used. You’d get exactly one chance, and after that a failure would mean no more attempts are possible.

A TX1 module will work with a number of different carrier boards. You could flash the release for the development carrier on another carrier board. If you chose to actually operate on another carrier board, then you’d have to use the manufacturer’s board support package (flashing doesn’t care which board it is on during the flash, but to run on any particular board you generally need to add device tree edits specific to that carrier).

Unfortunately, you cannot buy the TX1 dev kit carrier board separately. I don’t know the cost of any of the other carrier boards, but some are expensive. One thing I’ve never considered asking, but which people would probably be interested in, is which third party carrier board is the least expensive? I don’t know the answer to that.

I have 4 of these Jetson Tx1 development kits. Can I remove the TX1, place it on another board, flash it, and then move it back?

Yes, in fact that is the recommended solution if another carrier board is available. Flashing itself won’t care about the carrier board. It isn’t until the unit boots that the carrier board and software have to match. In your case this is even the same carrier board.