Unable to flash due to broken micro usb port

I have a Jetson TX2 whose micro USB port just came off during normal use. I am unable to solder it back because some traces for it are broken. I could not find any schematics online to find a alternative solution. I needed to re-flash it because I wanted a fresh install to removed all the libraries during it usage.

Is there anyway I can flash the Jetson without the micro usb port? Or can i do a system reset and make a fresh start.

I am ready to pay for this repair so if there are any repair services in India please send me their address and phone number.

This link is the photo of how the micro usb port looks now

Flash software requires the Jetson to be in recovery mode, which turns the TX2 into a custom USB device via the micro-B USB port. So there is no possibility other than that.

However, if you have another carrier board, then you can temporarily mount it on that and then flash there. Flash doesn’t care about the carrier board, so you can flash for different carrier boards regardless of which carrier is actually used, and then transfer to the other carrier board.

You can purchase third party carrier boards, but the devel board itself isn’t sold separately.

Note: The missing traces are probably all ground. The five traces near the rear are the pins 1 through 5.

We also have a Jetson tx1. Can we use it’s Dev board to flash our tx2?
Also among the five back pins, 3 in the middle are not there properly.
Is there any way we can clone the contents of memory of another tx2 to an SD card and boot from it?

Some of the very first dev boards of TX1 were not “complete”, but were otherwise compatible. On almost every TX1 dev board the carrier should work for flashing the TX2. There might be some exceptions for TX1 dev carriers right near the initial release of the TX1. Even if it didn’t work it wouldn’t hurt to try. So I’d say yes, give it a try. Odds are very high it will work.

SD card clone is problematic. This requires a number of conditions and any failure would imply no more possibility of trying. If you are interested the information can be given, but it is very specific to using the same release before/after and/or preparing a lot of pre-signed content.

Thanks @linuxdev. I could find another Jetson TX2 and I mounted my module on that carrier board. It worked perfectly with no problems.

Is there another usb to replace its function?

To clarify, are you asking if there is a way to use a different USB for recovery mode flash? The answer, if that is the question, is “no”. Wiring to the micro-OTG differs from that of a standard type-A connector.