The TX1 mini-usb is broken

The TX1 mini usb is broken, Ubuntu16.04 has been installed on the system, now need to install the cuda and opencv, what should I do now?

JetPack is only a front end to installing things. The micro-B USB connector is used only for the driver package (the actual flash). After that it uses ethernet for other packages. You won’t be able to flash without the micro-USB connector, but this should not interfere with other packages being installed. Have you tried installing with only ethernet connected and not checking flash? Just check to install other packages?

Hi, my TX1 mini usb is broken.
We have replaces it with another similar pin.
But after proper soldering, it does not detect usb or keyboard or mouse.
If we plug usb hub, the hub is active, but devices connected to that doesn’t seem to work.

Please help me to fix this.
Thanks in advance.

Also, once if we enter force recovery mode, will the OS on the TX1 be there, or will it get erased ?

I can’t answer most of this, but recovery mode does not actually alter the Jetson. What it does turn the Jetson into a USB device instead of a host. The micro-USB connector is type “OTG” (on the go), which means it accepts either a micro-A connector or a micro-B connector. Normally micro-A is for a host and you could for example use a keyboard/mouse/HUB on this. When in recovery mode only a micro-B connector has function…your Linux PC can then see the Jetson via the micro-B USB connector as a custom device. It is the driver package on the host which is able to flash or alter the Jetson…until the driver package runs a flash nothing is touched. The driver package can also clone partitions (which doesn’t alter the Jetson, but the Jetson must be in recovery mode first).

If the micro-B cable is connected to a host and if the Jetson is in recovery mode, then this should be visible from the host with a response:

lsusb -d 0955:7721

Thanks for reply linuxdev. Ya, i was able to boot into forced recovery and it did not alter the os on the Jetson TX1.
But, my board is not detected when i used lsusb command. I checked it with other TX1 module, and it was shown as you said. I think the IO pins of usb port got damaged :( .
Will there be any service available to fix this micro-usb port from Jetson side ? or If we want to flash this, is there any other way without using this micro usb port.

The flash software works only through the micro-USB. If the system still boots, then you can use alternate methods equivalent to flashing…but none of those are particularly safe since any mistake means you’d have to flash…and could not flash. Since this is a carrier board and not the Jetson itself, it implies you may be able to flash it on a different carrier and then still use the existing carrier for other operations.

If this happened on your Jetson TX1 Developer Kit and it’s still covered under warranty, you may be able to RMA it for a replacement.

Please go to, click ‘Live Chat’ at the bottom, provide your proof of purchase to the agent and describe the condition.

Sadly, the warranty has expired. I have two TX1 boards, out of which one development board has broken micro-usb. As @linuxdev said above, if we have two carrier boards (TX1 dev boards), we can flash TX1 card on other board right. So, this part of carrier board (the actual TX1 card) can be swapped onto the working development board, if we want to flash it and then plugged back to its own board right ?

The dev carrier boards for TX1 and TX2 are the same and are interchangeable.