TX1 micro-USB port damaged

Hi Guys,

While trying to flash L4T using Jetpack, I have accidentally damaged the micro-USB port ( it has chipped off from the board). As far as I understand, micro-USB port is needed to flash the development board. Hence, I now have a board which I can’t use anymore. Somehow, something went wrong during my previous flash due to which cameras are not working and I need cameras for my application.

I am based out of Bangalore,India. Please help me out with possible solutions for this problem. Is there any way I can get this board repaired or re-flash L4T and drivers using another method ?


If the board was not damaged (e.g., traces not lifted), then someone with skill and a good hot air rework tool might be able to place the original socket (if not damaged) on to the board again (or a duplicate of the original…don’t know where to get one). The trouble is that under those circumstances quite often it is the trace which breaks and not the solder.

We have a couple boards in this condition. What we do is pretty simple - we use a “good” dev kit for flashing a TX-1 module ONLY when there are very low level changes (ie: new Jetpack release). All other changes are handled by making standard Linux updates at the filesystem level. Unless you are working with bootloader or other very low-level code you don’t need to reflash.

Before you go trying to rework it yourself and void the warranty…if it’s still in warranty, RMA it through your vendor.