How to repair broken micro usb port?

Hey all.

So I’ve got a TX1 last january and since then I noticed the micro usb port was not reliable at all. As today, it simply popped with the adapter as pics shows. I noticed that some users had the same issue as I but nobody posted a directly solution of fixing. Could someone help me here?
My electrical engineering knowledge is zero, btw. Is there any part number I can order and ask someone to solder it? What are the risks?
My immediate concerns:
-Not being able to flash TX1 again
-Data overflow on the single USB port left

Thank you so much in advance.


I don’t know the specific part number, but very similar connectors tend to be available. I’m not where I can check now, but I would be there is a part number listed for an exact replacement somewhere.

You’ll need someone who has a hot air rework tool, and no-clean paste solder. There are risks with re-heating that area, other components may have issues, but chances are reasonable that a hot air rework tool with paste solder can fix it. If the board is still in warranty I’d recommend just doing an RMA (perhaps you could RMA just the dev carrier board). Look for RMA instructions near the top of this:

It isn’t just on a Jetson that this is an issue…micro-USB connectors have a long history of being pulled off like that. Some people who have had issues put epoxy on the outside to reinforce the connector to the board before they ever use the unit.

Hi Dourado,

The part number of connector is PUBGT0-05FLBS1NN4H0 from TAI TWUN GROUP LIMITED which you can found in BOM file here:

You will have to repair it with soldering work as linuxdev or do RMA if fail, and there is no other way to flash Devkit other than USB.

I have a similar issue and the original manufacturer Tai Twun Group Limited of part number PUBGT0-05FLBS1NN4H0 seems not to carry that part on their website. The new micro USB AB female interconnect listed on their website has a different fastening solution to the board, while still having the same pitch for the pinouts.

Is there a reseller in Europe that carries this type of connector with the same 0.65mm pitch, 5 pin MICRO USB AB FEMALE interconnect that anyone can recommend where the pins are visible on the rear as in the original manufacturer’s part?

I also managed to break the micro USB connector on my board. I managed to find the two following connectors that fit the PUBGT0-05FLBS1NN4H0 footprint close enough to work. You just need to do some tricky smd soldering.