How to Flash TX2 with broken microUSB port

My micro usb port on my jetson tx2 broke but I want to flash my TX2 with upgraded versions of tensorRT/cuda/cudnn. Is there any way I can do this? I previously installed everything with jetpack version 4.2.2. Thank you!

hello vatsalmistry4796,

L4T provides an over-the-air software update service (Over-the-Air (OTA) Update) that uses Debian Package archives.
please check with $ apt list --upgradable to displays a list of new and upgradable packages.
you may also refer to How to Install Debian Packages with OTA Update for the steps to update your release version.

Would this mean that I can upgrade my tensorRT version from 5.x.x to 7.x.x?

hello vatsalmistry4796,

you may also moving to JetPack-4.4.1 to include TensorRT-7.1.3.

Is it possible to move to jetpack 4.4.1 remotely since my micro usb port is broken? Thanks.

yes, that’s what over-the-air software update service can achieve.

Ok so the first step is to upgrade to a new minor point release. It tells me to open the apt configuration file which is located at /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nvidia-l4t-apt-source.list which doesn’t exist for me. Is this something that I should already have or is this something I need to create?

When trying to run sudo apt update after adding the respective lines to the file i mentioned above to update to l4t version 32.5 I get the following error->

The repository ' 32.5 Release' does not have a Release file.
N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.

I can send the full error if needed.

I apologize for all the questions, I just don’t want to break anything while trying to update.

What jetapck version are you using now? OTA only supports after jetpack4.3.

I’m using jetpack 4.2.2. I need to upgrade my tensorRT/cuda/cudnn but my microUSB port is broken so I asked and was told to use OTA. Is there any other way I can upgrade my packages or reflash my device?

Flash can occur on any carrier board with the micro-USB connector. Do you have any other carrier board you can temporarily mount the module on?

I have an xavier nx developer kit. Does this mean I can replace the tx2 module with the xavier nx module on the xavier nx carrier board, flash it, and then put the tx2 and xavier back on their respective carrier boards?

Tx2 module cannot be used on NX devkit.

Does this mean there is no other alternative for my case other than flashing it on a compatible carrier board?

Can I just flash the SD Card I have on my TX2 and make my device run off of that?

So far as a “normal” full flash goes, this must be through a carrier board which is compatible. You can flash it to run on a different carrier board than the one it is in, but the carrier boards do need to be designed for the TX2 module.

An SD card as an alternate boot source could work as a “rescue” system, but not for flash. There is a lot of content generated which goes into many partitions, and to some extent, part of that content (if a new release version is used and you are not flashing the existing version) goes into QSPI memory (which is not on the SD card or any of the regular partitions). The best you can hope for with an SD card on a TX2 is rescue without the full flash (the SD card boot does not run in recovery mode, and the full flash requires recovery mode).

Makes sense thanks. So my only options are to either fix the microUSB port or flash the module on a compatible carrier board correct? Other than that I’m out of options?

Pretty much. If it still boots, then there are some options for some repairs, but not full flash whenever the micro-USB is missing.