Flash NVidia Jetson TX2 without Micro USB

I would like to flash our NVidia Jetson TX. The last time i managed this following this tutorial: NVIDIA Jetson SDK Manager - JetPack 4.2 - YouTube For doing this I connected a micro USB cable to the Jetson and followed the instructions.
This time, i’m not able to use the Micro USB port of the Jetson, because for some reason it broke off. Someone probably pulled too hard on the cable :( . Anyway, I am now looking for a way to do this without the micro USB port.

Is there an other way perhaps using the common USB ports or Ethernet? And is there a tutorial like the video above where it is described in detail.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry, operation in recovery mode is only through that connector. You could move the module to a different carrier board (somewhat expensive and would need their board support package to run), but you are out of luck without that micro-USB connector. The physical wiring for the port which recovery mode talks to is limited to just that connector.

If the system is running, then there are perhaps some versions you could attempt to manually work with, but unless you’ve done this a lot chances are high that the TX2 would be unbootable if you try to upgrade via something like dd. If your newer version does not use the same QSPI boot code, then you could not do this even with dd and risk.

If what is on this Jetson is valuable to you, then you could perhaps use rsync to clone it if it is in running condition. Actual clone would not be available without recovery mode and the micro-USB port. However, any carrier board can be used for flash or cloning if it has that connector, so once again you could perhaps get another carrier board and use that.

Unfortunately, the dev kit carrier board is not available for separate purchase.

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Very simple fix for this issue, if you have a second TX2 board. Thanks for your help.