Issue with the Micro-usb port on Jetson TX2


We recently had an issue with micro-USB port on one of our tx2’s. The micro-USB port was not working first we thought it was a physical issue, but then we have swapped the Tx2’s heads, and the other tx2 worked on that dev-board so the issue is with the TX2 module(the head) itself since, it’s micro-USB didn’t worked with a brand new dev-board either. So the issue is in the chip I think ? we cannot flash the device or be able to connect to the device when it is in recovery mode.

There was a Pixhawk attached to that port through an OTG cable. And suddenly it stopped working.

We could really use some help thanks.

Hi senceryazici, since the device is unable to connect via Recovery mode and you have confirmed the condition specific to a particular module, have you tried to RMA it?

You can see the instructions for RMA here:

You might try “sudo --force forced-recovery”. However, if you do any operation which does not leave the Jetson correctly running, then you will never again be able to access the Jetson. You may want to clone the rootfs before you do anything else…cloning does not write, it only reads, so it is safe. See:

I think switching to recovery mode is not a problem for us though if I push the recovery button, it does go to recovery, however the host pc does not see tx2, simply “Nvidia Corp.” does not appear in the “$lsusb”.

I’m taking a look to the link you provided thanks, I’ll be appriciated if anyone has different ideas thanks.

If any output shows up with “lsusb -d 0955:7c18”, then it is in recovery mode and should work. Not all USB devices have a verbose description. A working TX2 in recovery mode will show like this:

Bus 003 Device 010: ID 0955:7c18 NVIDIA Corp.

(bus and device will differ, the ID is what marks it as a TX2)

Keep in mind that in recovery mode a Jetson is a custom USB device. It isn’t a mass storage device (you are probably used to some devices having that behavior, but despite how common this is, the behavior in device mode is custom to every device). The driver package understands how to work with this. Are you having troubles flashing?