Does not work usb0

I am a beginner on jetson. Could anyone provide me with your advice.
When I connect TX2 to the host PC, the connection does not work. In the host PC the ‘Nvidia Corp’ does not exist by “lsusb” command. The TX2 is working itself. Is this a break down on the usb?

The Jetson must be in recovery mode to show up with lsusb. Basically, holding down the recovery button while either bringing up power or resetting power will make this mode available. The particular connector must be the micro-B USB, and the dev kit cable is highly recommended since many other micro-B USB cables are designed for chargers and do not work well with data.

NOTE: VMs tend to fail to correct route USB as well. A native Linux install for the host PC is recommended.

Thank you for your reply. I tried the connection with recovery mode. The procedure is first push the power button, then pushing recovery button and push reset button. However the host PC does not recognized TX2 usb connection. “Nvidia Corp” does not appear in the terminal following “lsusb” command. It seems the break down of usb HW, right?

The recovery button is similar to a “shift” button on a keyboard…the button must be held down during the power up or reset for it to work. If you’ve held the reset button down during the power up or power reset, and if the recovery mode is still failing, then there is an issue and you’ll need to RMA.

Note that there is no need to hold a button down for any long period of time. Holding recovery down and tapping reset or power on, and then letting go, will be sufficient.

Thanks to your advice, I was able to solve this issue.
The cause of my problem was my button work that TX2 did not go to the recovery mode.
By pushing down recovery button and then pushing the power button, the USB connection was recognized by my Host PC.
After that OS flashing and the other software’s installation was completed successfully.

It is really appreciated that you provided me with accurate advice.
Thank you very much.