Jetson TX2 isn't getting connected to host device

I am trying to install OS into Jetson TX2. I connected the Jetson Tx2 with a host machine using the usb cable even though it is not been detected. Can you please resolve the issue

Was the Jetson in recovery mode? Basically the recovery button must be held down during either of:

  • Power up.
  • Power reset.

Then you let go of the recovery button (there is no “hold it down for a few seconds” type of limit).

Also, is the cable using the micro-OTG connector? Is the cable the provided micro-B USB cable that comes with the dev kit (and is this the dev kit)?


Yes, the Tx2 is in recovery mode. Actually, I bought two Jetson Tx2 s. One of the micro-USB type b cables is missing. So, I am using the same USB type b for both of the Tx2s. One Tx2 has been detected properly while other one is not been detecte

I would say then that the one failing needs RMA. You could swap modules and see if it follows carrier board or if it instead follows module, but since dev kits come as a pair, you’d still need to send the unit in as a whole any. Not being able to reach recovery mode is rare and is a fairly solid indication of hardware failure (in this case you’ve basically verified it is not a cable or host PC issue).

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