Jetson TX2 not booting up.

Only the Red LED is showing up and its not turning on. The host PC is not able to detect Jetson TX2 in force recovery mode.

Are you using the original micro-B USB cable? Is this from a development kit carrier board? Is the host a VM or actual install?

The USB might not be original one , but its not a VM , its an actual install.

Many (most?) cables which come with cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices depend only on the ability to charge and have a high rate of failure for use with data (some charger cables literally do not add any wiring to the data part of the cable). If you cannot detect recovery mode, then I highly recommend trying a higher quality micro-B USB cable which is intended for data use. This can be difficult since so many cables just say they are micro-OTG. Many people here have had failures from cheap aftermarket cables.

If the command “lsusb -d 0955:7c18” shows anything, then you are in recovery mode. Try this with different cables. Try this on different ports of the host PC. Perhaps try this on a HUB with no other devices on the HUB.