Broken TX2 or Jetson

I just bought a Jetson tx2.
Unfortunately, he does not want to start.

When I put power on It (J25), a red led turn on (CR5) but when I press power button (D6), the greens led did’t turn on (CR1 and CR2).

If I connect the uart console, nothing is showed. No bootloader, nothing.

If I connect the USB cable, host computer don’t see any new USB device.

Stéphane Germain

Hi, did you try if it enters recovery mode which will show recovery USB device in host computer device manager? Also it would be better to use a DC power supply on this to check the current when press power button (S4).

Yes I tried the recovery mode, nothing more.
Also, SDK manager don’t see it. And “lsusb” don’t see it too.

For now, I use the power supply that was coming with the kit.
I can confirm that He output his 19V (no load).

I could try to loan a DC power supply to test the current.

Stéphane Germain

Hi germain_stephane,

Have you managed to get the device working?
Any result can be shared?


No I am in a RMA process.


Stéphane Germain