Jetson TX2 cannot start

I power on my Jetson TX2, it doesn’t displays the boot screen(nvidia logo).
What should I do? My Jetson expired warranty period.

I thought there was a problem with the dev kit and I replaced another Jetson TX2.
but, It works properly.

Hi, is there any log output? What’s the current value when power on? Did it enter recovery mode? Did you probe the power up sequence as that in OEM DG to make sure power rails and control signals are in correct timing?

Do beware that lack of video output is not a good indicator of failure since there can be a lot of video issues. One example is that VGA monitors are not supported, and many people try this with an adapter not realizing the adapter won’t work as expected.

Serial console is by far the best test, but if the unit can reach recovery mode, then you know at least basic functions work.

For recovery mode, if the micro-B USB cable is connected from TX2 to host, then the host should see something with:

lsusb -d 0955:7c18

When power on, the HDMI signal will drop and the monitor will throw a “lost signal” message.

I tested using a power supply. An electric current of 0.1A @ 18.9V is flow when power on.
Generally, The current is increase when booting.
But, Jetson TX2’s current is constant and not changing.
It’s broken, right??

I connected an Jetson to an HDMI input on a monitor using a HDMI cable.
When recovery mode, if the micro-B USB cable is connected from TX2 to host, then the host nothing message about ‘lsusb’

Lack of lsusb when in recovery mode is probably a hardware failure. An exception would be if the host PC is a VM (VMs tend to fail USB). On very rare occasions some older laptops also seem to fail. If there is nothing unusual about the host PC, and this is not a custom carrier board which is not routed for device mode on the micro-USB, then I would consider this failed hardware.

Even so, you could get a serial console log of boot. If this shows any output, then it could also show some special condition, e.g., no power to a rail, and give you a better idea of why it fails. If serial console boot log does not log in combination with failing recovery mode, then you pretty much have a guaranteed hardware failure.

There is nothing unusual about the host PC.
Maybe, I think Jetson hardware has failed.
Thank you.