TX2 cannot power up

I bought a brand new TX2 and play something. However, I cannot power up this board. Before powering up, I have connected a monitor via HDMI, USB hub, and network cable. When I connect the power and press the power button, nothing happens except the LED light beside the power button and recovery button is on. The fan doesn’t run, no output to the monitor, and the no power in the USB hub. I have waited nearly 30 minutes, but still, no output to the monitor, and sometimes the hub has power, and sometimes no. Did this board is broken? Thanks.

The fan does not normally run since the Jetson only produces enough heat for the fan under load. The power lights are showing correct behavior.

How do you know there is no power to the HUB? This could of course be a legitimate issue if a USB keyboard caps lock fails to work.

FYI, it is common for video configuration to fail and simply appear as not running even if the system is actually up and running. The definitive way to tell what is going on is via serial console. See:

If you have a router, then you should check the logs for a DHCP request, and whatever address was issued. If you can find this you may be able to use ssh over the wired ethernet to log in and see what is going on. This is very important if you don’t have a serial console…even the occurrence of a DHCP address request says the system booted successfully most of the way.

Btw, is this a 4k monitor? If so, there is a 4k bug. Also, the default Ubuntu install (a.k.a., L4T when the NVIDIA drivers are in place) is rather unreliable. This is L4T R27.0.1. R28.1 is much more reliable and may help. Flash to R28.1 is probably advisable even if everything seems to work.

Note that if you put the Jetson in recovery mode it doesn’t do anything without the driver package running a flash, but recovery mode can still tell you if basic hardware is alive. You would need the supplied micro-B USB cable connected to the host, then hold down the recovery button while powering up or resetting power. After this the host should see the Jetson as a custom USB device. To verify run this from the host:

lsusb -d 0955:7c18

If something shows up from this lsusb, then basic hardware functionality is demonstrated.

In the case of a system which has not crashed, but in which video configuration is an issue, sometimes you can work around this by unplugging and replugging the HDMI cable. Another workaround to test video configuration error is to not plug the cable in, boot the Jetson, wait two minutes, and then plug the HDMI cable in…detection and configuration may work in this case because HDMI is hotplug and software used at initial boot is different from software once graphics is initialized.

Thanks. Right now it works if I didn’t plug the HDMI cable in when booting the Jetson. As your suggestion, I plug the cable 2m later after booting, and it works. Do I have a better way to boot the Jetson. I feel it is not good to plug in and out frequently.

HDMI is hot plug, so it is designed for this. The behavior is far from ideal. There is a 4k bug, but other than that it seems R28.1 release is far more reliable. I don’t believe R27.0.1 (the original shipping version) is at all reliable (R27.0.1 had R27.1 replace it very soon after the TX2 came out and is rather reliable…R28.1 is still a noticeable improvement).

Is this monitor 4k? If not, then flashing to R28.1 would be a highly recommended way of getting around such bugs. Even if the monitor is 4k I believe there is a patch available. Should this monitor be 4k, then probably xrandr can be used to set to another mode as a temporary workaround.

FYI, L4T version can be verified via:

head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release